New Legal Realism: Empirical Law and Society







Seeking to develop a rigorous, genuinely interdisciplinary approach to the empirical study of law.
Readings on law, social science, and policy

Social Science Perspectives on Law

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Psychology: At the Intersection of Law and Empirical Methods

Economics: Comparative Institutional Analysis

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NLR Working Papers

NLR Working Papers Series 3 (2016-2017)
Authors include Arpan Banerjee and Thomas S. Harrison.

NLR Working Papers Series 2 (2012-2015)
Authors include Hanoch Dagan, Roy Kreitner, Gregory Shaffer, and Paul Secunda.

NLR Working Papers Series 1 (2007-2011)
Authors include Hanoch Dagan; Gregory Shaffer; Michael McCann; Brian Leiter; Eileen Braman and J. Mitchell Pickerill, Victoria Nourse & Gregory Shaffer; Stewart Macaulay; Elizabeth Mertz; David Wilkins